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Tales of the Ling Master #3 cover

Blaster Al Ackerman's Tales of the Ling Master #3

Digest-sized (5 ½" x 8 ½") comic book, 28 interior pages. Black and white ink line art with digital toning and blue cardstock cover. Published April 2010.

Out of Print—Sorry!

This item is no longer in print. But we hope you will look at Tales of the Ling Master #1 and Tales of the Ling Master #2 (PDF download only)!

The authorized adaptation of three Ling Master stories by Blaster Al Ackerman, with art by E. J. Barnes:

  • "Ask Ling: Two Parables": Two letters to the Ling Master prompt responses in the form of parables. It's up to you to figure out what it means — or whether Ling is just talking through his pillowcase.
  • "The Squid Boys of Terre Haute": Close Encounters of the Third Grade! A mysterious letter from a gifted young poet leads the Ling Master on a trail that turns on the question: Do the Old Ones have their own comic books? A must for the H. P. Lovecraft knock-off completist.
  • "The Blue Catfish": A Ling yarn described by Blaster himself as "abject jungle faddle". Ling's friend Frenchy finds himself caught in a harrowing trap of mad science. What follows may shock even the most jaded Ling fan!

Story and art © 2009 Al Ackerman & E. J. Barnes.

Parental Warning: Contains partial nudity, violence, alcohol abuse, clinical insanity, coarse language, sexual situations and references, occult references, paganism, bribery, references to pop-culture ethnic stereotypes, tobacco use, animal cruelty, squalor, bad science, and shambling eldritch horrors.

Recommended for readers age 14 and up.

We recommend you see Blaster Al Ackerman's Tales of the Ling Master #1 and Blaster Al Ackerman's Tales of the Ling Master #2 (PDF download only)!