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Who is this "Blaster" character, anyway?

"Blaster" Al Ackerman (1939—2013) was the author of the Ling Master stories on which the Ling Master comics are based. Most of his work has been published in the small and "marginal" (ultra-small) press.

A fixture of the underground scene in various U.S. cities for nearly four decades, he has influenced avant-garde artists ranging from Istvan "Monty Cantsin" Kantor to Throbbing Gristle. His work has inspired filmmakers such as Steve "Sleaze" Steele and Chet Pancake. He has been described as "America's Cervantes" and "the Yogi Berra of the Twilight Zone."

Blaster was also a friend of and sometime collaborator with/satirizer of "Language Poet" John M. Bennett (who is obliquely referred to in "The Squid Boys of Terre Haute") and the late "Vernacular Writer" Jack Saunders (cast as the antihero of "'I, The Stallion!'").

Drowned Town Press is honored to have known and worked with him.


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Comics adaptations of the Ling Master stories by Drowned Town Press artist E. J. Barnes

Drowned Town Press is pleased and honored to work with Blaster on the authorized comics adaptations of the Ling Master stories.