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Me and Doctor Dee cover

Me & Doctor Dee

Digest-sized (5 ½" x 8 ½") comic book, 36 interior pages. Black and white with color covers. Published September 2012.

$5.00 each + shipping

Also available for download for $2.50 at itch.io

Doctor John Dee, England's greatest Hermetic philosopher and personal astrologer to Good Queen Bess, needs a new assistant to help him communicate with the Angels.

Edward Kelley to the rescue! He's a little high-maintenance, but seems to know what he's doing when it comes to high magic.

Together, Dee and Kelley take their show – and their long-suffering wives Jane and Joanna – on the road, to Poland and ultimately to the court of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. But can their collaboration survive Kelley's bad-boy attitude?

Story and art © 2012 E. J. Barnes.

Parental Warning: Contains occult activities, bloody oaths, drunken rampages, scatological allusions, and references to marital irregularities.

Recommended for readers age 14 and up.