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Laird MacGuffin's Treasury cover

Laird MacGuffin's Treasury

Digest-sized (5 ½" x 8 ½") comic book, 24 interior pages. Black and white ink wash with green marble cardstock cover. Published August 2017.

$3.00 each + shipping

Also available for download for $1.50 at itch.io

Could it be that a fabulous treasure was left in an abandoned castle centuries ago by the legendary Laird MacGuffin?

Could it be that this fabulous treasure is guarded by a fierce, fire-breathing dragon?

Could it be that a living descendant of Laird MacGuffin has clues as to the fate of this fabulous treasure?

Could it be that this fabulous treasure is in the dungeon of Laird MacGuffin’s castle, simply sitting there for the taking?

Follow our intrepid adventurers to find out!

A (nearly) textless funny-animal comic. Story and art © 2017 E. J. Barnes

Appropriate for all ages