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An Invitation To The World of Luisa Felix, Cartoonist cover

An Invitation To The World Of Luisa Felix, Cartoonist

5 ½" x 7 ½" book, 100 interior pages. Black and white with color covers. Published April 2013.

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Also available for download for $3.00 at itch.io

For over four decades, based at her Hoboken, New Jersey studio, Luisa Felix labored to create scores of cartoon stories starring her massive stable of over two hundred characters. Her output spanned many genres, from horror to humor, sci-fi to film noir, animation to funny animals.

Contained in this volume is a selection of the works of Luisa Felix. Other cartoon artists have joined us to add art incorporating some of her many characters.

Readers are encouraged to incorporate characters from the work of Luisa Felix in derivative works, on the sole conditions that such use is "all-ages" appropriate, and that the editors of this book are informed of said use.

Edited by Paul Curtis and E. J. Barnes. Foreword by Ken Leach. Featuring tribute art by Natalie Ewert, Larry Blake, Steve Peters, Keith O'Brien, Michele Witchipoo, E. J. Barnes, Frank Humphris, Eric Jansen, and Paul Curtis.

Appropriate for all ages