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The Dragon of Wantley cover

The Dragon of Wantley

Half-legal (7" x 8 ½") booklet, 24 pages. Color with color cardstock cover. Published March 2024.

$10.00 each + Shipping

Also available for download for $5.00 at itch.io

South Yorkshire, England: A dragon terrorizes the territory northwest of Sheffield. Who dares take him on? The local knight, More of More-Hall!

The anonymous poem, “The Dragon of Wantley,” from about 1685, has been variously interpreted as a parody of a scene from Edmund Spenser’s epic poem The Faerie Queene, and an allegory of seventeenth-century Yorkshire politics. We at Drowned Town Press just think it’s silly.

Text by Anonymous, first published circa 1685. Art © 2024 E. J. Barnes.

Content Warnings: Violence; death; putrefaction; Yorkshire accents; excessive alcohol consumption; nasal mucus; flatulence; allusions to fecal matter, venereal disease, and prostitution; bad language; bad spelling; bad rhymes, Did I mention violence?

Recommended for immature readers aged 12 and up.