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The Artifact cover

The Artifact

Digest-sized (5 ½" x 8 ½") comic book, 24 interior pages. Full color. Digital edition published October 2020. Print edition published August 2021.

$10.00 each + shipping

Also available for download for $2.00 at itch.io

A mysterious object is unearthed. What is it? Who wants it? Who even knows they have it? Is it good luck or bad? Is it valuable? Is it dangerous?

This 24-Hour Comic was written and drawn in colored pencil between noon, 3 October and noon, 4 October, during 24 Hour Comic Book Day, at E. J.’s home studio, in the annus horribilis 2020.

Unlike previous 24-Hour Comics E. J. has attempted (finishing successfully in 24 hours or not), this comic was approached straight-ahead rather than top-down: Rather than spending the beginning of the 24 hours writing a full or skeletal script, she conceived and drew each page before attempting the next. When she began, she literally had no idea how it would end.

Story and art © 2020 E. J. Barnes

Appropriate for all ages.